Sunday, February 5, 2012

Transforming Sets

In theater, one set piece is often turned into another, within the same show.  Here’s a simple example of some of the adaptations we're making for our upcoming Saline Area Players show.  The picture on the top shows a bookcase, which will be used for a library scene in Lovely Story.

The second picture (above) is the bookcase laid flat with an additional back added to be used for a bed.  The third picture (below) is what it will look like with the addition of blankets and a person.

Below is another transformation. First, you see the set fromThe Sound of Music which Saline Area Players performed last year.  For our current production:  The Carol Burnett Show:  Your Favorite Sketches, we've made an alteration.  In the bottom picture, we took one segment of the previous set, added some tan to match the walls of the new set, and will use it for the large picture window in the Tara plantation scene of Went With the Wind.

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