Friday, March 9, 2012

Opening NIght

"Joyce" and "Marion" ... from As the Stomach Turns

Opening night of The Carol Burnett Show: Your Favorite Sketches was a success.  I can't write a review since I was in it... but I can tell you that it was great to hear hearty laughs and an overwhelming wonderful response from audience members afterwards.  

Some of the comments I heard.....

"The dentist put me in stitches."
"I saw those mutton chops and I lost control" from the man who literally fell out of his chair laughing last night
"It was super funny" from a SHS student
"Everything was great"

Enjoy some of the pictures from backstage!  For more information, go to

The Insurance Adjustor
The Prison Nudge
Rat and Melody

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  1. It never occurred to me until I read the cast bios in the program what a talented and experienced group we have. Of course, I knew they were talented, but not really, really, really talented (to borrow a line from the play)! And it shows! From the audience’s reaction on opening night, and from the sheer pleasure it was for me to work alongside these gifted artists, it is clear that this cast is not just all talent, but “all heart”, too. (that was another show reference) This combination makes for a remarkable performance, indeed!