Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Family That Plays Together....

In this, Saline Area Players' 40th year, I have spent some time looking at old scrapbooks from our group that are now housed in the Saline District Library in the reference room.  They have lots of old photos and newspaper articles about the group from over the years.  If you check them out, you’ll probably find people you know, or knew, and be surprised that many of the people that were part of the group in the early years are still in Saline, and some have family still involved.

One of the articles I came across was from 1974 titled, “The Family That Plays Together…”  It begins…”Family participation is the hallmark of Saline Area Players productions… and never was it more evident than in the recent successful staging of “Brigadoon. Families such at the Toths, the Kellers and the VanderYachts were so deeply involved in the musical that their entire household membership was committed to the effort.”  The article goes on… see it below.  Here is the picture:

Through the years, SAP has retained its strong family involvement.  In the upcoming Willy Wonka show, as an example, we have 11 families alone represented in the cast.  See their pictures below.  And, like the article from 40 years ago, the many families are working like crazy behind the scenes – painting, building, hauling, creating, collecting, sewing, promoting…. and the list goes on and on.  It’s really satisfying to know that what was built 40 years ago, a community theater group in Saline, is still going strong today with new families.  We’re one long extended family!

And here is where it all began....

For more pictures from SAP's current production of Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka, check out the SAP facebook page!

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